The information in this document will maximise the client
having the best show possible for their event

Please have this contract rider forwarded to the:
event planner; functions manager at the venue; manager
on duty during the event; wait staff and audio visual staff.


Please read this document carefully.
By signing THIS you are agreeing to provide the artist
with working conditions essential to the performance.


Minimum stage dimensions should be: 2 metres x 3.5 metres x 0.50 high raised platform/stage (or higher if the audience is over 400).
If a band performance is scheduled to take place they will have to be set up behind while Jay Jay performs.

A dance floor in front of the performance area is not advised as it will lose the intimacy between
the person on stage and the audience (if a dance floor is present throughout the night,
have this to the side of the stage or in a different part of the room).

Easy access from the audience onto the stage is absolutely necessary.  Please provide stairs that
lead directly into the audience preferably from the side of the stage or the front of the stage.

It is preferable that distance from the front of the stage to the audience is not to be more than
two metres to make sure there is close engagement for the show.

No tables should be set to the side of the stage as this will lose the engagement
with the audience throughout the performance.

If there is a band present throughout the night, please allow ample room for
Jay Jay to set his show up prior to his performance.

Please allow a minimum of 60 minutes of rehearsal time with the audio production crew two hours
before guests arrive at the venue.

If you are booking Jay to emcee or facilitate your conference and there will be a considerable
amount of information to be read, he will require: 2x on stage fold back screens (now and next slides)
and dual USB presentation clicker with suitable range from AV desk to stage.*


A professional high-quality sound system is required to deliver even coverage to the entire audience and optimised for speech and music.

1x headset microphone (no lapel)

One hand-held radio microphone and a stand (round base, not tripod) is required.

USB will be provided before showtime or through an email prior to the show.

Music must be played through external speakers and not through the venue system as this sound is really poor.


Adequate stage wash of the entire stage so that you can see the performer and other people is essential.

House lighting that can be controlled from the lighting desk is required so that
Jay Jay can interact with the audience as and when required.

Lighting requirements for each venue and audience size will vary, so if in doubt, please don’t hesitate to ask.


As it is not possible to eat, watch and laugh at the same time, it is imperative that
food service and performance times do not coincide.*

Jay Jay should not perform while people are eating plus no wait staff, clearing of plates
or servings drinks are allowed throughout the length of show.*

Jay Jay’s comedy show is recommended between mains and dessert and runs for a length of 20 - 30 minutes.

Please have a professional MC or the CEO/Director introduce Jay Jay before showtime (introduction will be sent with music)..


If possible, please provide a private, well lit, non-smoking dressing room as close to the venue
as possible. Facilities typically include a mirror, lighting, sink, bathroom).

If the dressing room is card activated, please be sure to have 2 X access cards made available upon arrival.

Please provide light snacks (i.e. fresh fruit/healthy choices) and water/soft drinks before showtime
with 2x hot meals concluding show performance. If Jay Jay is emceeing, please arrange a suitable time
for him to eat prior to the event.

Please provide 1x lighter, 2x fresh limes, 1x sharp knife, napkins and 2x cold
V-energy drinks for show performance.*


Please provide 1x full-flexi business class return ticket for artist and 1x full-flexi economy return ticket for assistant.

Flight will either be from Sydney, Australia or Singapore. Please contact prior to booking.

Flying legal name for artist is, ‘Joshua Jayaweera’ and assistant name will be discussed on the time of booking.

Domestic travel with Australia is, ‘Virgin Australia’ and international travel is ‘Singapore Airlines’.

When booking flights, please use airlines frequent flyer numbers.
Virgin Australia - (Velocity - 6170015866) and Singapore Airlines - (KrisFlyer - 8804915209).

Please provide full baggage allowance for both artists and assistant. Any excess baggage
(which is dependant on show package) to be incurred is to be paid by company.

Private ground transfers (private car service) to and from hotel and venue
(if different from hotel) are to be provided.*

Accommodation to be provided at the venue (where possible). Please provide 2x king size rooms,
non-smoking (one room for Jay Jay ‘Joshua Jayaweera’ and one room for his assistant, ‘TBA before booking’).*

All accommodation should be a minimum of 4 star.*

All meals and other expenses (gym, internet, expenses for show) are to be provided by company plus
all hotel/car/food expenses should be signed off with the client company credit card and ‘not the artist's credit card.*


You are encouraged to advertise as much and as often as possible.
For all advertising please use the following billing: Jay Jay Entertainer.

Please only use current and updated promotional materials available from
Jay Jay Entertainment. Jay Jay currently promotes with instagram and youtube
His social media handles are ( and

The show cannot be photographed, audiotaped, videotaped, or filmed without advanced permission.


Any variations to anything in this document will need to be discussed with Jay Jay Entertainment.

Please read through all pages carefully and then initial each page and sign below.
Once signed, please email to


SIGNED __________________________

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for and on behalf of Jay Jay Entertainment.



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for and on behalf of employer.



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